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Ohmer Park Improvement Association has quickened spirit of optimism in minds of residents of live suburb

– Dayton Sunday Times, Sunday, May 2, 1915

The Ohmer Park Improvement Association, one of the most progressive organizations of its kind in the city, is now in the second year of its existence, having been formed in December, 1913, for the purpose of promoting the general interests of the Ohmer Park district.

During the period of its activity the welfare of the community has been so thoroughly looked after that Ohmer Park is now one of the most desirable residential districts in the city. The association has been active in securing for Ohmer Park not only general city conveniences and improvements, but has fostered and encouraged the beautification of the naturally beautiful surroundings, so that now the people are vying with one another in improving and adding to the attractiveness of their lawns and gardens.

To encourage this spirit the friendly rivalry and quicken local interest and pride in the appearance of the suburb, the Ohmer Park Improvement association has offered the following prizes for the coming year:

Best General Appearance First – $7; second, *5.

Porch and Window Boxes -First, $5; second. *3; third, $1.

Trees and Shrubbery—First, $5; second $3; third, $1.

Flowers and Lawns First. $5; second $3: third. $1.

Best Appearing Back Yard—First, $3: second. $2.

Best Boys’ Garden (150 square feet or more)—First, $2; second $1.

Best Girls’ Garden (150 square feet or more) First, $2; second $1.

Not more than one prize will lie given to any one party. The progress shown last season in beautification was so marked and the result so pleasing, that a civic prize for general improvement of lawns, gardens and landscaping was awarded the Ohmer Park district.


The Ohmer Park Improvement association is affiliated with the Federated Improvement association and has a large and active membership. Its affairs are directed by competent officers who have the greater good of the community at heart, and who have held office since the association was organized. They are:

J. H Kuhlman, president; J. S. Cole, vice president: Jerry McDonald, treasurer; George B. Bratz, secretary.

Executive Committee—Charles T. Ohmer, P. S Eicenbarry, Jess Boomershine.

Advisory Committee —J. H. Hohnstedt. David Reston. O. A. Browne.

Meetings are held regularly on the second Tuesday of every month at the M.E. church, corner of Arbor avenue and Clarence street, where comfortable quarters are established. During the past winter the committee on entertainment secured the city’s most prominent speakers to deliver addresses on topics dealing with civic welfare and improvement, and the present system of city government, which the association has gone on record as heartily endorsing. As a future acquirement, a welfare hall is contemplated, which will be provided with a library, reading room and an entertainment ball for meetings and amusements, which will meet the social needs of the community.



Ohmer Park Is a district that combines the advantages and pleasures of suburban life with all modern city conveniences, and it is the only suburb In Dayton that can boast of so complete a list of city conveniences. It has six brick-paved streets and miles of cement sidewalks. Water and gas mains are laid throughout the suburb and there is regular collection of garbage and ashes. The park has storm and sanitary sewers and its streets are well lighted with both arc lights and gas. There Is adequate police and fire protection and two city mail deliveries daily. The Wayne avenue and Dayton & Xenia city lines furnish excellent car service, the latter looping the park and bringing every lot within two squares of a car line.


Aside from the utilities, Ohmer Park has advantages that only a suburb so ideally located can possess. It Is situated in the southeastern part of the city and has an altitude of 200 feet. This insures the purest of air and a total absence of the noise and smoke of the city, besides removing the menace of floods. The land has a rich surface soil underlaid by gravel which affords excellent natural drainage. The rich quality of the soil is ideal for gardening and production, and renders fertilization unnecessary. There are neither saloons nor any undesirable element on the park and home builders are showing their appreciation of this and the many other desirable qualities of the suburb, by selecting Ohmer Park for the erection of numbers of attractive bungalows and other types of handsome residences. One of the many attractive features of the park is the fully developed shade trees which overarch the streets and beautify the lawns. Along either side of Wayne avenue is a row of magnificent old maples, planted by the late N. Ohmer 80 years ago, which make the avenue second in beauty to nine In the city. Creighton avenue is shaded by a double row of linden trees, while the perfect lines of symmetrical European elms that overarch Arlair avenue are the pride of the residents of that bountiful thoroughfare. Hundreds of full-bearing fruit trees, a portion of the N. Ohmer orchards, make the place a veritable bower of beauty in the spring time of the year and with the shade trees, furnish homes for the birds which are unmolested and constantly increasing in number.

The elevation of the suburb affords a magnificent view of the city, which makes a drive through Ohmer Park one of the most attractive of the favorite short motorings trips about the city.


On Creighton avenue is located the Ohmer Park Reformed church in charge of the Rev. F. R. Schulte. Rev. Engle officiates at the Ohmer Park M. E. church on Alton avenue and Clarence street. These institutions are doing very commendable work along moral, social and charitable lines, and are a beneficial power in the community.

The board of education has purchased a tract comprising 13 lots, on which they are soon to erect a large modern school building that will meet the needs of the rapidly growing population. The site for the proposed school is a beautiful and commanding one, overlooking the city and valley and is one square from the street car line


In keeping with the spirit of city welfare work, spoils and athletics are indulged in by Young Ohmer Park and encouraged by the community at large. The Ohmer Park Athletic club has reorganized Its baseball team this season and entered the Dayton Amateur league. The club has a good ball diamond in the northeastern part of the park and plays regular scheduled games which never fail to draw in large and enthusiastic attendance. The personnel of the team is as follows: Davis, pitcher and manager; Farley, Ohmer. Broadstone, Hess, Thompson, Rasper, Bridgeman mid D. Wassum. The team Is a formidable one with a clean, square record of fairly played games, and intends to maintain it.

In winter the paved Wyoming hill affords Ideal coasting, and merry parties of young people enjoy tills exhilarating sport nightly when the right conditions exist.

In conclusion, the Ohmer Park Improvement association heartily endorses j and encourages everything that tends to maintain and improve the moral. | civic, social, material, educational and | athletic standard of Ohmer Park, and in that end are directed the united efforts of Its large and active membership.

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