Emigration Records from Neupotz, Germany

The following is a chapter from the “Neupotzer Heimatbuch” by Alfred Boltz which deals with emigration from the village of Neupotz in the 19th century. An english translation, which is a rough translation obtained from translation software, can be found HERE.


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John Francis Ohmer, Jr.

johnfrancisohmerjrOHMER, John Francis, Jr., engineer, was born in Dayton, Ohio, July 3, 1891, son of John Francis and Anna Katherine (Beckman) Ohmer and grandson of Michael and Rose Marie (Welty”) Ohmer. His grandfather, a native of Alsace, France, came to this country in 1831 and settled in Dayton the following year. His father (q.v.) was a manufacturer and inventor. John F. Ohmer received his education at St. Marys Institute, Dayton, the University of Dayton, and Cornell University, where he was graduated M.E. in 1913. Joining the Ohmer Fare Register Co., Dayton, which had been founded by his father in 1902, Ohmer was an apprentice until 1914, a member of the salt’s department for two years, an engineer during 1919-21, and a member of the production export department from then until 1927.
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John Francis Ohmer

OHMER, John Francis
, manufacturer and inventor, was born in Dayton, Ohio, Nov. 7, 1856, son of Michael and Rose Marie (Welty) Ohmer. His father, a native of Alsace, France, came to America in 1831 and settled the following year in Dayton, where he was a furniture manufacturer and a pioneer
promoter of street car railways. The son attended St. Mary’s College (later the University of Dayton). At the age of fourteen he became an apprentice in his father’s furniture factory and four years later obtained his first patent on a furniture caster. Following the retirement of his father in 1878 he purchased the furniture business and, after admitting his brothers into the firm, reorganized it as the M. Ohmer Sons Co., of which he was president until the company was dissolved in 1927. Continue reading “John Francis Ohmer”

Neupotz, Germany – Birthplace of Tobias Ambre Ohmer

The Civic Arms of Neupotz

Civic Arms description : A blue background with a golden bell, below a silver fish bent towards the left. The arms was authorized August 31st 1841 by Ludwig I., the first king of Bavaria. Previously, the oldest seal of Neupotz, verified from 1724 until 1729, shows an object looking like a bell with 2 stars next to it, one on the left and the other on the right side next to it, probably a special device to catch fish with, called “Spreitgarn” [an old German word not in use anymore, but “Garn” is the German word for yarn]. When drawing up a new court-seal in 1744, the “Spreitgarn” became a bell, above which a crown was hanging, and the fish was no longer bent towards the left but towards the right. This seal was still in use in 1839. The bell was a device used to catch fish and the fish represents an early fisherman village.
Neupotz flag description: from blue and white and blue devided in a ratio of 1:3:1, with the seal in it, and authorized February 11th, 1985 by the county government in Neustadt.


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Ohmer origins

It is believed that all OHMERs are descendants of Peter Aumer who was born in Switzerland about 1625 and was later a resident of Steinweiller, Germany.  The first five generations have been reconstructed by Gerard Ohmer which include about 37 OHMERs born through the period of about 1785. OHMERs have been found in France, Germany, Holland, with descendants of various lineage’s in the United States including Louisiana; Michigan; St. Louis, Missouri; Cincinnati, Ohio; Erie, Pennsylvania; and Alaska.

The German OHMERs are known to come from two areas in Europe.  One is in and around Herxheim, Germany which is in the Palatine, close to the Alsace-Baden border.  The other area is about 60 miles to the southwest in Lorraine, France, a few miles west of Sarrebourg (Saerburg).  It is thought that the Lorraine OHMERs immigrated to that area from Herxheim.

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Ohmer Genealogy

Welcome to the OHMER Genealogy Resource Center. This site is dedicated to the genealogical research of the OHMER surname worldwide. OHMER is a derivative of the surname AUMER. My lineage is traced back to Tobias Ambre OHMER who emigrated to the US in June of 1851, and further back to Peter Aumer, born 1630 in Germany. This site, however, deals with OHMER descendants worldwide. Browse the family trees, post a query, look up the origins of certain OHMER lines, as well as the origin and meaning of the OHMER surname. Two main lines, from Germany (primarily the Pfalz) and France (primarily Lorraine).


The Primary Goals of this  Page:

1. To list all our "cousins"  researching the OHMER surname.
2. To link to all pages of interest to people researching the OHMER surname.
3. To  collect all genealogical information pertaining to the OHMER surname, and the bearers of this  surname that might in some way facilitate research of this surname.
4. To  present this genealogy information on the web so that it can be freely accessed by any of our cousins at any time, from any place.

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