Mortgage Papers of John Christen, son-in-law of Tobias Ambre OHMER

I’m not sure WHAT these papers mean, but there are about 10 or 15 other ones listed in some books labeled “Chattel Mortgages.”  It seems that John Christen owned a sawmill, and bought the lumber rights to several tracts of land in and around Napoleonville.  The land described here is believed to be the same land that my father continued to pay taxes on till he passed away in 2014.  Anyone understand this legal gobbledygook?



(Written in top left hand corner of  page)
A Wilbert  Sons
Mrs. W. Pugh

By virtue of a sheriff’s sale made  on January 15, 1910 in the ??? of Mrs Ratliff P. W. N. Pugh  4266 This mortgage is hereby ??? and  Canceled insofar with same affects the Woodlawn Plank Parish of Assumption January 19, 1910
Oscar Dugas


27th Judicial District Court
Parish of  Assumption
State of Louisiana

This case having been regularly fixed for this day, and upon motion of John  Marks, counsel for Plaintiffs, was regularly taken up and tried and after evidence adduced the law and the evidence being in favor of Plaintiff’s deucand  and against defendant.
It is therefore ordered, adjudged, and decreed that judgement be  and is hereby granted in favor of plaintiffs andagainst defendant William N. Pugh in the full and entire sum of Twenty one Hundred and seventy five and 19/100 Dollars, together with 8% Interest from July 18th, 1898  until paid and for all costs of this proceeding.
Done, read and signed in open Court in the Parish of Assumption,  Louisiana, this 3rd day of December, 1901.

Paul Ceche
Judge 27 Dist.
Filed December 3rd, 1901

Oscar Dugas
December 3rd, 1901

C. Dugas
Dy Clerk

Mistress Tobias Omer
widow of Tobias Omer
Missus John Christen and Lee

sale of land

United States of America
State of Louisiana
Parish of  Assumption

Be it known, That on this Tenth day of the month of July, in the year of our Lord One Thousand nine hundred and one, and of the Independence the United States of America the One hundred and  twenty sixth.
Before me, Philip N. Gilbert a Notary Public, a Notary Public duly commissioned  and sworn in and for the Parish and State aforesaid, therein residing , and in the presence of the witnesses herein after named and undersigned.

Personally Appeared

Mis Tobias Omer, widow of the late Tobias Omer a resident of the Parish of Assumption, State of Louisiana and Edmond Omer, and Mrs. Catherine Christen,  wife of John Christen and he to authorize her residents of this Parish and
State  who declared that for the consideration and on the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth by these presents, sell, cede, grant, bargain,  convey, assign,  transfer, set over and deliver, henceforth and forever, with full legal warranty  and with substitution and
subjugation to all their rights of property, of  ownership, of warranty, of actions of warranty and all others.
To and unto, Missus John  Christen and her a commercial firm composed of John Christen and Lawrence E.  Lee, residents of the Parish of Assumption State of Louisiana, here present accepting and purchasing for themselves, their heirs and assigns, and acknowledging due delivery and possession thereof the following described  property –
A certain tract of land situated in the Parish of Assumption, LA, being all of Section Fourteen in Township Fourteen South of Range Thirteen East, South  Eastern District.  West of the Mississippi River containing Two hundred and Thirty Three and 00/no acres.
This being the same property acquired by the late Tobias Ohmer from J. A. Fridik, in 1874.
The present sale is made and accepted for and in consideration of the full price and sum of One hundred dollars, in part payment and deduction.  Whereof the purchasers have paid cash in lawful money of the United States of  America, to the vendors, who acknowledge receipt thereof and grant full acquittance and discharge therefor, the sum of twenty five dollars.
And for the balance of said price amounting to Seventy five Dollars the said purchasers  furnished three promissory notes for the sum of Twenty five dollars each made and subscribed by themselves.  Under date of these presents payable to the order of themselves and by themselves endorsed in blank at the Bank of Napoleonville,  Napoleonville, LA.  The first payable September 10th, 1901, the second November 10th, 1901, and the Third January 10th, 1902, with interest of the date of eight  percent per annum from date until final payment; which notes having been signed and parapher “Ae Varietur” by me, notary to be identified here with were delivered and turned over to said vendors who acknowledge the receipt  thereof.
And in  order to secure the punctual payment of the said notes of maturity, as well as  of all interest to accrue thereon, and in order furthermore to secure the  payment and reimbursement of any and all lawyer’s fees that may be expended or  incurred, in case of suit being instituted to
enforce the payment of said notes principal  or interest, or any part thereof (which lawyer’s fees however are fixed at ten  percent on the amount so in suit and said purchasers consent and agree to pay and allow the same the said purchasers hereby specially mortgage, affect and hypothecate the herein described and conveyed property unto and in favor of the said vendors as well as of any and all future holder or holders of said notes promising and binding themselves and their heirs and assigns no to alienate, deteriorate nor encumber the said property to the prejudice of this  mortgage, nor of the special lien and vendors privilege which the said vendors hereby retain on said property, until the full and final payment of said notes.
The said appearers hereby agree to dispense with the certificate of Mortgages required by Article 3364 of  the Revised Civil Code of this State, and exonerate me, said notary, from all  liability in the premises.
All State, Parish and other taxes due on said property have been  paid, as evidenced by the Tax Collector’s receipt exhibited by me.
This done, passed and signed  at the Parish of Assupmption, State of Louisiana, on the day, month and year  first above written in the presence of Misters Frank Christen and W. J. Jones, lawful and competent witnesses who together with the parties hereto, and me  notary, have signed these presents after due reading thereof.
Mis Tobias Ohmer and Mrs. John  Christen having declared not knowing how to sign, made their ordinary mark.


=Original  Signer=

Frank Christen
W. J. Jones
Lawrence E. Lee
Edmond (his X mark) Ohmer
Philip N. Gilbert
Notary PublicRecorded December 6th,  1901

C. Dugas
Dy Clerk

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