Foundation of the German Empire

  Foundation of the German Empire On 10 December 1870 the North German Confederation Reichstag renamed the Confederation as the German Empire and gave the title of German Emperor to William I, the King of Prussia, as President of the Confederation.[16] During the Siege of Paris on 18 January 1871, William was formally proclaimed German Emperor in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles.[17] The […]


Charlemagne Charlemagne, in Latin Carolus Magnus (Charles the Great) (742-814), king of the Franks (768-814) and Emperor of the Romans (800-14), who led his Frankish armies to victory over numerous other peoples and established his rule in most of western and central Europe. He was the best-known and most influential king in Europe in the […]

History of Assumption Parish

[heading subtitle=””] History of Assumption Parish [/heading]   This material was taken from the Inventory of the Parish Archives of Louisiana, No. 4 Assumption Parish (Napoleonville), prepared by the Louisiana Historical Records Survey, Service Division, Works Projects Administration, sponsored by The Department of Archives, L.S.U., Dr. Edwin A. Davis, Archivist, and co-sponsored by the Assumption […]

Ohmer Surname Origin

OHMER surname origin By Gerard E. Ohmer – from his OHMER Genealogy book What does the OHMER name mean? from an agent derivative of Middle High German ?ame, ?ome ‘standard measure’, hence an occupational name for someone who checked and sealed weights and measures. (Öhmer): topographic name (mostly Swiss), for someone who lived or owned a farm in a wider, […]

Tribute to the Memory of Nicholas Ohmer

Tribute To the Memory of Nicholas Ohmer (From the Dayton & Montgomery County Public Library – Taken from the scapbook of James O. Arnold) GIVEN BEFORE THE MEMBERS OF THE HISTORICAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY Hon. N. H. Albaugh Unanimously Elected to Succeed to the Presidency With Mr. F. W. Ritter as Vice President    The Montgomery County Horticultural […]

Timeline of Nordrhein-Westfalen

Timeline of Nordrhein-Westfalen   Year Event Discussion 500BC People of Celtic Origin At the earliest historical period, the territories between the Ardennes and the Rhine were occupied by the Treveri, the Eburones and other Celtic tribes, each drawing a level of influence from their Germanic neighbours. On the eastern bank of the Rhine, between the Main and the […]