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Welcome to the OHMER Genealogy Resource Center. This site is dedicated to the genealogical research of the OHMER surname worldwide. OHMER is a derivative of the surname AUMER. My lineage is traced back to Tobias Ambre OHMER who emigrated to the US in June of 1851, and further back to Peter Aumer, born 1630 in Germany. This site, however, deals with OHMER descendants worldwide. Browse the family trees, post a query, look up the origins of certain OHMER lines, as well as the origin and meaning of the OHMER surname. Two main lines, from Germany (primarily the Pfalz) and France (primarily Lorraine).

The Primary Goals of this  Page:
  1. To list all our “cousins”  researching the OHMER surname.
  2. To link to all pages of interest to people researching the OHMER surname.
  3. To  collect all genealogical information pertaining to the OHMER surname, and the bearers of this  surname that might in some way facilitate research of this surname.
  4. To  present this genealogy information on the web so that it can be freely accessed by any of our cousins at any time, from any place.

Census data on the surname OHMER

2000 Census

Rank 30,716 (2000 US census) Count 716 Race / ethnic distribution The 2000 US Census claims that of the 716 of those with the OHMER surname:

  • 96.93%, or 694 total occurrences, identified themselves as being white,
  • undisclosed % as black,
  • undisclosed % as Asian and Pacific Islander,
  • undisclosed % as American Indian and Native Alaskan,
  • 1.26%, or 9 total occurrences, as two or more races, and
  • 0.84%, or 6 total occurrences, as Hispanic ethnic origin.

Breaking this down, OHMER ranks 30,716th in terms of frequency, meaning that 30,715 surnames occur more frequently than OHMER.

1990 Census data on the surname OHMER

The files from the 1990 census data contained four items of data. The four items: (1). A “Name” (2). Frequency in percent (3). Cumulative Frequency in percent (4). Rank In the file (dist.all.last) one entry appears as: OHMER  0.000  86.713  55151 In our Search Area sample, OHMER ranks 55151th in terms of frequency. 86.713% of the sample population is covered by OHMER and 55150 names occur more frequently than OHMER. The surname, OHMER, is possessed by 0.000 percent of our population sample.

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  1. hello fellow ohmers 😉 cant believe this website, its just amazing!! and if you ever want tocontact me, email me, i provided said email above

  2. Mr Ohmer, I found that you have on Descendants of Peter Aumer (Ohmer) that Theresa O’Donnell was married to Michael Sleigher.

    The fact is that Theresa, born in 1856, was married to James B. Sleigher who was born in 1851.

    Their son was Raymond J. Sleigher

    Their headstones are pictured at their memorial in Find A Grave.

    Needless to say that to state Theresa E. O’Donnell was married to someone else is misleading to any researcher of the O’Donnell family. It will be greatly appreciated if the information provided by you would be corrected.

    Thank you. Dorothy E. O’Donnell

  3. This is for Earl Ohmer who is trying to get hold of some old info/pics of Mr Earl Ohmer Sr. My father was a good friend of the Ohmers in 1930s forward. I have some very interesting information on “the old man” and some photos. Let me know if you are interested.
    Bud Officer
    Bend Oregon

    1. Hi Bud,
      I am very interested in learning more about my grandfather Earl Nicholas Ohmer. He died in 1955 in Petersburg Alaska, the same year I was born in the same town. I remain here running a seafood plant that is now part of a larger company, but which was started in 1916 by Earl. My father was Dave Paul Ohmer, who was a great friend of Casey Officer.
      Hope to hear from you!
      All the best, Dave

  4. I would love to know alot more then I do about where icomefrom but both my parents are paSsed I was little and thinly Ohmer around Ky please help Thnk you

  5. My farther was Joseph Ohmer born and raised in Kentucky. Had a brother name Robert and a sister name Rosemary. I believe there was a William and Richard Ohmer also. I would like to receive any and all info that I can get.

    Thank you

    Bill Ohmer
    Born March 7, 1961 Jacksonville, Florida

  6. Hello Ohmers worldwide,

    i’ m the daughter of Gerhard Ohmer, who got in touch with Gerard Ohmer, who, I guess buildt up the web side about the Ohmers.
    I’ m very much interrested to get in contact to any other Ohmers. So if you feel like, send an E-Mail and we will find out any familary relationships. Daniela.

  7. I am daughter of Robert Charles Ohmer. His father was Earl Nicholas Ohmer and we were from Petersburg, Alaska. Any links to this side of the family would be great information, Thanking you in advance. My dad, “Bob” had brothers, Dave and Jim and sister Pat. I had brothers Earl, Lance and Gary.

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